POWER 4-5-6 Release 10 + SPICELaunch | 1 year license UNIVERSITY

POWER 4-5-6 Release 10 + SPICELaunchTM with AP interface/1 year license

Includes regular updates for 1 full year + technical support via email/phone.

University students may purchase our software at a 50% discount. The front and back of a valid university student ID must be emailed to us upon purchase. POWER 4-5-6 10 does a complete power stage and control design for 12 PWM topologies most commonly used in the industry. It is the only tool available on the market that chooses power stage elements, designs the control loop with voltage- or current-mode control, generates accurate circuit models for  proximity loss, and provides detailed magnetics component design. All designs are verified with instantaneous large-signal simulations. With SPICELaunch™, you can now export schematics directly into LTSPICE with a single click.

Save $200 when you purchase POWER 4-5-6 with an AP300.

Once your order has been confirmed, you will receive an email with a link to download your software.

POWER 4-5-6 Release 10 + SPICELaunch | 1 year license UNIVERSITY

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