Santa Clara, CA: MAY 17, 2017

 May 17, 2017

Location: Teledyne LeCroy
3385 Scott Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA 95054 

Speaker: Dr. Ray Ridley

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm


Morning – Modern Topologies

The power supply industry has undergone a revolution over the last decade. Quantum leaps in efficiency, power density and packaging have altered the landscape and shifted methodology. At the heart of this revolution are power stage topologies and switching techniques—both old and new.

Dr. Ray Ridley will present current techniques and how the combination of topologies, switching strategies, and new devices are leading the industry into a bright future. 

Afternoon – Modern Magnetics Design

Almost two centuries after Faraday's first toroid design, only a small percentage of today's engineers comprehend and implement the equations involved in transformer design. Modern and simple techniques are now available to move this segment of the industry forward with speed and efficiency.

In this lecture, Dr. Ridley discusses the past, present, and future of magnetics design for high-frequency power supplies.

Lecture attendees will receive powerful tools and advanced concepts for immediate design application, including POWER 4-5-6, Release 10 + SPICELaunchTM

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Santa Clara, CA: MAY 17, 2017

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