RidleyWorks®, Release 11 | 1-year license UNIVERSITY

RidleyWorks® Software, Release 11 with AP interface/1-year license

Includes regular updates for 1 full year + technical support via email/phone. The latest release incorporates SPICELaunch® and LoopSweep™.

RidleyWorks® is the only software available offering Converter Design, Control Loop Design, Magnetics Design, Simulation and Analysis, and Design Validation in LTspice® - all in one package.

Save $200 when you purchase RidleyWorks® with an AP310.

Once your order has been confirmed, you will receive an email with a link to download your software.

University students may purchase a one-year license of our software at a 50% discount. The front and back of a valid university student ID must be emailed to us upon purchase. 


RidleyWorks®, Release 11 | 1-year license UNIVERSITY

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