RidleyWorks®, Release 11 | 1-year license UPGRADE

RidleyWorks® with AP interface/1-year license UPGRADE

Includes regular updates for 1 full year + technical support via email/phone. The latest release incorporates SPICELaunch® and LoopSweep™.

RidleyWorks® is the only software available offering Converter Design, Control Loop Design, Magnetics Design, Simulation and Analysis, and Design Validation in LTspice® - all in one package.

The upgrade to Release 11 is available to all who own any POWER 4-5-6 Release 9 or 10 license. For previous versions, it is necessary to purchase a full 1- or 3-year license. Regular updates are emailed for the license period of three years. Extending the license will be an available option on our shopping cart prior to expiration. An expiration reminder will be sent by email. Email address changes will always be available through the Design Center login page.

The AP Interface option is included and is active when the AP310 is connected by USB.

Save $200 when you purchase RidleyWorks® with an AP310.

Once your order has been confirmed, you will receive an email with a link to download your software.

RidleyWorks®, Release 11 | 1-year license UPGRADE

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