Online 5-Day Workshop: MAR 7-11, 2022 - Individual Registration

Online 5-Day Workshop: MAR 7-11, 2022 - Individual Registration

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NOTE: This registration is for one registrant.

 MAR 7-11, 2022
Register for our 5-day power supply design workshop, now in its 24th year. This unique online workshop format is taught by Dr. Ray Ridley, and is a hands-on laboratory workshop on power supply design available to all engineers in the USA. 

We ship the workshop direct to you. During the week prior to the workshop, you will receive a RidleyBox with an onboard computer, development prototyping boards, manual and a full kit of tools and supplies to complete all of the experiments typically done in our 'in-person' workshops. Set up wherever you can - at home or at the office. With full two-way audio/visual, we guide you through the lectures and experiments each day. All you need to provide are a monitor and a soldering iron. Simply return the kit after the workshop. Shipping charges are included in your registration fee.

Receive RidleyWorks Software. A 3-year license is issued prior to the workshop.